Alhamdullillah STOK TERBARU KAIN SULAM dah tiba.....panas panas !!! Material SATIN ROSELA & COTON PRADA ...kain PALING HOT ...



The date 6-8 Mac 2012 was a memorable date in my life, I decided to travel to HO CHI MINH CITY OF VIETNAM all by myself ALONE! just for SHOPPING what a crazy idea but thats what I did. Purchased AA ticket to n fro, goggle the hotel nearby Ben Tham Market, halal restaurant, transportation of course bus - the cab not in my mind scared!!. On the 6/3/12, safely landed at the airport about 12 noon local time, looked for the public bus no 152 n got inside it together with a young mat salleh lady also alone just like me. The driver was very polite n helpful when I asked about the location of the hotel, he said the bus will pass by the area and drop me there...thank GOD. The mini bus fare only US2 compared to US14 for a cab with aircon and about less than an hour to the city.

Once reaching the town area it looked so messy with motorbikes here n there coz Vietnamese used it as their main transportation, they purposely used the HON every here and there which created such a noisy n horrible sounds on the road but there was no accidents happened!! They was used to it I think. I got down from the bus n looked for the hotel n check in only US23 p/night. Eventhough budget hotel, but it looked very clean with all the facilities such as TV, wardrobe, dressing table, cordless jug with coffee/tea, double bed,clean bathroom with bathtub n towels. All the facilities provided for just like a 4 star hotel in Indonesia, am really appreciated it.

After solat jamak and lunch with maggi mee from home, I booked a trishaw cost me US28 for tour city nearby without time limit!!.He dropped me at Ben Tham Market and willing to wait for me for 3 hrs while I spent my shopping time without extra charge...what a nice guy. In the market I search for Baju Kurung Manik, so many outlets n choices..rambang mata but make sure I must know how to choose depends on the quality of the material, beads n tailor cutting. Managed to grab few pieces after bagain and walked to the trishawman patienly waiting for me at the garden area. Time showed almost 5 pm but the bikers on the roads still like mad, I have to put up my hand to cross the road because they won't stop unless you got to stop them...thats the trick I guess. Back to the hotel n rest.

2nd.day- walked through the garden n passed by the locals doing exercise like yoga, dancing, the youths played football..they looked so relax n enjoyable, thats their daily chores everyday I supposed. It takes 20 min. from hotel to Ben Tham Market, it opened daily at 8am and closed by 6 pm then the night market just outside the market will take place. From the market, I walked to TAKA PLAZA about 15 mins. from market, many choices but a bit expensive then drop at a boutique nearby, spent my money somemore till dropped.

For the pass 3 days in Ho Chi Minh, I didn't spend my money for lunch/dinner just maggi n bread from home because I didn't like chinese meals eventhough halal, the VN Halal Restaurant just next to the market. Tired of walking, stop at the shop n bought Air Kelapa muda cost US2 n spent time in the garden waiting for the moonlight.

3rd.day- ready packing and checkout time, my flight back home at 4pm, my luggage only 20kgs!!. Again I took bus no 152 to the airport, safe and cheap. Safely landed at LCCT at
7pm... ALHAMDULLILLAH. One thing I learned from as a SOLO TRAVELLER... You will be safe and guarded by the ALLAH if you are close to HIM wherever you are....INSYAALLAH. May be...I will
go again to HO Chi Minh to explore more things on my own.

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