Alhamdullillah STOK TERBARU KAIN SULAM dah tiba.....panas panas !!! Material SATIN ROSELA & COTON PRADA ...kain PALING HOT ...



Since my working days, I have set-up in my mind that one day I want to go abroad to visit the european countries such as London, Paris etc etc. Alhamdullillah with the God's blessing my dream comes TRUE.
My trip started from 29/4/2013-13/5/2013 to cover 6 countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris and London.  Depart KLIA airport for Frankfurt, Germany  around 9pm and transit at Abu Dhabi airport about 2am....lepak kat airport for almost 2 hrs, proceed with the connecting flight to Frankfurt, safely arrived at 8am next day. Weather forecast was at 17 d celcius....sejuk !!

ABU DHABI - Transit
  2am at Abu Dhabi...sempat posing walaupun ngantuk

Just arrived at Frankfurt almost 8am local time
Outside the airport waiting for the bus

After breakfast, started the sight seeing around Frankfurt town, Heidelberg and Viernhiem. Check in and spent a night in Viernhiem.
In Heidelberg town
The Registration Office at the back - Heidelberg
Double deck

Next morning, left Germany for next destination....Titlsee Lake located at the southern part of Black Forest in Switzerland also known as the Titus Empire. By the time reaching this area, there was drizzling rain in the morning.
Part of the Titus Empire
The Old Castle
  Ladies in my group 
The entrance to the castle
One of the old bridge
My group
The toilet coin machine ...canggih kan
One of the stopping area for toilet!!
Due to cold weather, the bus stopped at R&R  several times for the toilet.


Proceed the journey to the waterfall called Rheinfall of Scaffhausen....one of the largest waterfall in Europe, felt very impressed with the beautiful nature....amazing. 
Rheinfall of Scaffhausen
The waterfall at the back
Waterfall waterfall.....
Boat cruise to get closer to the waterfall
 Entrance to jetty for boat cruise

Back to hotel for a long rest.....
Breakfast at the hotel, bread, cakes, cereals 

Now ready to go to  Engelberg Valley for the SNOW....I love it, can't wait to touch it!!.  Ride a cable car to reach the Titlis Mountain at 3238 ft above the sea level.  Such a wonderful moments over here where I could see the Swiss Alps....back to my schooling time I learned about the Swiss Alps in my Geog subject, the old memories struck back in my mind....dulu mimpi about snow now snow in my hand....syukur alhamdullillah. 
The Titlis Mountain at the back..pakai baju 3 lapis sejukkkk
 The main entrance
Snow view from the cable car
Full of snow everywhere
Inside the Ice Cave....really cold
First touch of snow.... so excited!!!
  Holding a snow ball
WOW !!!...here I am
Posing habisss...local time 12noon
With mat salleh couple
Ladies in my group...1 2 3 jerit kuat kuat
Men in my group...1 2 3 jumpp
Showing our shoes or legs!!!
Inside the cable car way down the mountain
                                           Beautiful scenery by the mountain....cooling peaceful

Back to Luzern, Switzerland after halfday moments at Titlis Mountain. City tour of Luzern with our lady guide.  Passing through the wide spread of mustard farm along the highway, beautiful scenery etc.
 The mustard farm ...yellow colour
The Black Forest by the highway side
 Very peaceful view
 View along the highway....snowww on the mountain

The bridge
Building in Luzern
Purple leaves


Passing through the wooden Chapel Bridge across the Reuss River. The Chapel Bridge was entirely made of wood became one of the signature of Luzern.  Few years back in the history, the bridge was  caught by fire, parts of the bridge was destroyed by it. 
The painting on the ceiling of the Chapel Bridge
My sporty car...lost the key so just touch it!!
One of the building by the river

Couple of swams

 Comes across this veges & fruits stall
Wondering wether  fruits or flowers
 Shopping time at Bucherer famous for Swiss watches
Drizzling rain outside the mall

This place was famous for the making of the singing cochoo clocks. 

All ladies...one man tersesat!!
 The Cochoo Outlet
Outside the outlet
 The trademark of the outlet
 Beautiful view by the riverside
Waiting for someone?
Lunch break....had own lunch because no halal food around this area, makan atas tangga kesian!!!   Next proceed to the Crying Lion Monument.
Crying Lion at the back...sian
Our lady tour guide in the centre
Luzern map 
Back to hotel for another night stay.  
Outside the hotel early in the morning...already check out
        Waiting for the bus for PARIS!!
Check out from hotel and left Luzern for Paris for 6 hrs long journey. 
Stop for lunch at R&R..tapau pack lunch....no halal food


Reached Paris about 5pm local time and check in to the hotel.....very very tired.

 One of the landmark in Paris
Another landmark
                                                         The Railway Station of Paris
                                                         Inside the railway station
An evening in Pariss
Despite of tiring journey from Luzern to Paris just after check in to the hotel, decided to go around the hotel area for a night view, passed by the railway station of Paris 
Outside the railway station

The Tube

Apartment cum shoplots
 Well beautiful apartment in Paris town....mahal tu!!
 Open concept of cafe bar by the river side
Wall Street Institute
 Paris full of monuments
 Our hotel...Belta Hotel Residence
 Trying the metered bicyle
 The kebab & fries....halal for my dinner
Check in n rest .
Morning call for subuh pray then ready for city tour of Paris. 


 Part of the Parliment House
 Parliment House of Paris
 What a cute cars on the road
 Main entrance of the museum
What building ....ehh dah lupa la pulak
 Pintu Gerbang so big
 Halal restaurant in town
 All kinds of breads & sausage
  This is beriani rice..small portion of rice but full of fries, salad & scramble eggs
 Souveniers shop
Signage for cruise ride
After lunch spent time on cruise crossing the Seine River in Paris.

 One of the cruise
Doubledeck cruise
 Building by the river side
 Bridge over the trouble water
 Doubledeck Cruise
Another Cruise
 Eiffel Tower at distance
The tower by the river view
 The church
 The President Office
Another pintu gerbang
 The ancient building
Arc de Triomphe
One of the expensive shopping mall in Paris

Next morning proceed to the famous Eiffel Tower ready to join the crowds.....so excited.

 Welcome to the Eiffel Tower
 Parts of my group cold & windy local time about 8am  
Patong Gustave Eiffel - engineer of the Eiffel Tower
 On the 2nd level of the tower

Four angles of the foot tower
 View from the tower..Paris town
 Another view...a bit cloudy

 Garden of Eiffel Tower

End of the Eiffel Tower tour.

Next day perform solat at the Grand Mosque in Paris.    
 Inside the mosque
After solat
All ladies after solat
The entrance to the mosque


After 2 days in Paris, left for Amsterdam, Holland another 6 hrs bus ride. Check in and free & easy.
Next morning after breakfast, ready for a trip to Kuekenhof Tulip Garden, the largest tulips farm in Amsterdam. It was opened for the public/tourists from March to May because during this periods the tulips starts blooming, after that months the garden was closed. I can't wait to see the tulips!!
 Passing the town
 All the sweets
 The crowd in town
 Stop at the R&R
 So happy mcam budak22
Entrance to Keukenhof Tulip Garden
The lady with their traditional costume
 Red Tulips...here I am
Hide & seek behind tulips
 Pink Tulips
Tulips everywhere
 White Tulips
Orange Tulips
Purple Yellow Tulips
Purple Red Tulips
With mat salleh kids
River in the garden

Rows of orange white tulips
Three of us
 Tulips shop
Thinking of buying the tulips?
 My group

I didn't pluck the tulip... action only!!
WARNING ....tourists not allowed to pluck the tulips.
 The Windmill Replica 
By the fountain

After a day long spent at Keukenhof Tulip Garden, back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, stop at R&R for lunch...pack lunch again.

Everybody brought pack lunch....sembunyi2 masak kat hotel!!

Umpp sedapnya walaupun hanya maggi....local time 1.30noon
Yellow train in Amsterdam by the highway
One of the building in town
Another building with 2 chimneys
Tulip Farm.....bye bye bye

The direction to the garden
Infront of our hotel Dutelh Design Hotel
Hotel Lobby red deco
A staircase down to the toilet full of tulips
With our pilot....bus driver

Next day still in Amsterdam, visited the famous Diamond Centre...memang cantik but then fulus tak mengizinkan!!! tengok je le...cuci mata.
The entrance
 The crown full of diamonds....real diamonds tak tipu

One of the diamond craftmen at work
At the Damrak Square...the red word is AMSTERDAM in full

This area was one of the busiest road in Amsterdam Town, tourists gathered around here.

Going for the cruise ride
While waiting for the ticket
 Holding the steering
Inside the cruise
After the cruise ride, stop at this outlet for lunch...kebab and bread only

The signage entrance to the mosque
Welkom meaning Welcome

 Left the town centre for the Windmill Village, Cheese Centre and Wooden Shoes Factory.

 All kinds of wooden shoes on display
Listening to the demostration of shoe making
The worker shows his skills
The wooden shoes rack

The cheeese factory
 All kinds of cheese on display
In the shop
View of Windmill
Few hours spent at the Windmill Village then proceed to another town called Volendam or Fishing Village named by the locals.

Their house small but very cute
 Another house by the small river
Waiting for the house's owner
Cheese Factory Volendam....tak beli coz tak pasti halal/not
Their shipyard
Outlet of Doner Kebab....halal
With the gang
With the driver and tour guide before leaving Volendam Village back to the hotel.

Next left for Brussels, Belgium by bus. On the way stop at R&R for toilet ape lagi sejuk memanjang.
Posing by the Caravan side...teringin nak naik

Stop at R&R and jumpa benda ni.....DUSTBIN
 McDonalds restaurant along the highway

Reached Brussels Town and visited few places such as The Atomium, The Grand Palace and Mannekin Pls, the landmark of Brussels.

The Atomium...there were several offices in the round globe
I love Atomium

Welcome sign

 One angle of Atomium


Just 3 of us
5 of us...Beautiful ladies

Metered Bicyles for rent....anybody?
Then proceed to the place called The Grand Palace.
Parking area at the entrance
 Pintu gerbang besarrr

 Ladies only
 Double deck
At the shopping mall
This is what they called the landmark of Brussels
Everybody smilesss
Lunch time...pack lunch again
Ummph  sedap sebab everybody hungry gila

Our pack lunch consist of sardine, serunding, bilis goreng etc from home. Just after we finish up our lunch, heavy downpour.....hujan so everybody run for shade.
 Clip clip bulps in the toilet...cantik
Tired of walking so duduklah...waiting for the bus.

By the evening left Brussels for London with all the heavy luggages to carry  heads towards the Midi Station, Brussels to board the Eurostar to London.  I felt very excited to experience the fast train onboard for about 2 hrs journey. Before departure, perform solat jama' magrib/isyak at the station, another sweet experience as wherever places passed by, solat comes first.....alhamdullillah.
Just arrived at the Midi Station
View in the station
The Eurostar Information Counter at the back
Hello KL ....anybody home?
Taken snacks only already onboard

Inside the train cafe

Reach the St.Pancras Station, London

Dah sampai London
The St. Pancras Station, London
Inside view of St.Pancras Station
Information Board

 Almost 10pm local time reached at the Holiday Villa for 3 days stay in London. The hotel was just a few meters from the Malaysian Hall....alhamdullillah I was in London already!!

Holiday Villa London
My room

 Front view of the hotel

One of the street, not busy because still early in the morning
 My group
 Alongside the hotel area
Beutiful building infront of the hotel
 My dream car...lupa bawak kunci daa
J30 PSG of London
 Letter box
This is my house...perasan!!
Staircase to my room

After breakfast ready for sight seeing of London such as Parliment House, Buckingham Palace, London Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Oxford Street etc.
 Public bus
Standing infront of Buckingham Palace

Unfortunely during a visit to this palace, it was the 1st day Opening Ceremony of the parliment so tourists not allowed to go nearby the gate of the palace....all closed to the public for the horse parade, so posing jauh2 je le.
The Palace compund
 With Kak Zi from Ipoh

 The women police
With Khatijah & Mahani from Penang
Jom follow me for a morning walk to the main street
Westminster Church
The wedding ceremony of Prince William & his wife was held overhere.
 The souveniers shop at the church

 Nearby the Trafalgar Square
The 3s of us
Showing our legs

 The old church
 The Big Ben far distance

Telephone booth one of trademark of London

Signage to the subway
The Big Ben of London
 The Eyes of London

The Parliment House by the riverside
Big Ben
The Parade in red

Horse Parade
Guardman on horse
The statue
The street was closed so lengang je
Doubledeck of London
By afternoon stop for lunch then went to Oxford Street for shopping....shopping time.  The bus driver drop us by the street and everybody made their own ways to the malls along the street, given 2hrs only for shopping.  As it happened to be the 1st day of parliment opening day, the street was so crowded with tourists as well as locals. I managed to purchase trench coat for me and jacket for my son...thats all.
Our lunch restaurant
So happy just after lunch

Infront of Bayswater Station

Back to hotel and by the evening went to Bayswater another landmark for shopping such as t-shirts, souveniers and many halal restaurant to choose too. It was just 10mins walking from our hotel, I spent quiet a lot for t-shirts, souveniers and perfume.

Next morning went to the famous outlet factory called Bicester Village away from London took about 2hrs to reach the place.  These outlets mostly offered all branded items such as handbags like prada, guess, LV, jimmy choo, shoes, shirts, perfumes etc with good bargain prices.
  At the Bicester Village
Still early not crowded yet
Clarks Shoes Outlet
 Gucci Outlet
Signage of Bicester Village
 Clarks shoes already in hand


 London Bridge

Tower of London
During our last day in London, went to the Malaysian Hall.

Malaysia Hall

Left London for home sweet home.....bye bye London.

Heathrow Airport, Harrods Outlet
With Kak Zi at the airport

Alhamdullillah safely arrived at KLIA next day, now trench coat tak laku dah sebab KL panas!!!!


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