Alhamdullillah STOK TERBARU KAIN SULAM dah tiba.....panas panas !!! Material SATIN ROSELA & COTON PRADA ...kain PALING HOT ...



Started the trip on the 14 - 21 April 2010, once reaching the airport proceed to Bursa by bus for 2 hrs journey.  Visited few places in Bursa such as Grand Mosque, Silk Market, Green Mousoleum and the Green Mosque.  Checkin at Baia Hotel in Bursa, had dinner and rest.
                                                                       My group
Day 2 - Visited Pamukkale and the old city of Hierapolis...such a beautiful scenery I have ever seen.  Spent a night at the Richmond Hotel.
                                                        Outside the restaurant after lunch
                                                              The Mosque in Bursa
                                                                   In the hotel lobby
                                                               Snow on the mountain
  The ancient castle of Hierapolis
The Hierapolis Signage

    Parts of the rotten castle   
           The sodium terrace at Pamukkale  
                                                                  The rotten castle
 My Hero

  Waiting for the bus for next destination
                                                       Stop at restaurant for our lunch
                                                           The white cherry blossom                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Day 3 - Proceed to Cappadocia  a long journey by bus.  Over here there was a famous ancient city called Sultanhani Caravanserai or the Ground City.  Those days all the travellers will stop here and exchange theirs goods with other travellers enroute the city. 

Day 4 - Still in Cappadocia for another sight seeing like Ozkonak also known as the Ground City, pootery making centre and jewellery centre.  On the way back to the hotel stop over at the Uchisar Rock Formation and Goreme Valley, lovely place full of rock formation looked like camels,  the pigeon holes rock settlement where they used to stay during old times.
                                                    The pigeon holes homes at the back
                                                      Another type of rock formation
Pigeon Homes
The Camel Rock 

Day 5 - Left Cappadocia for Bolu, had lunch at restaurant in Ankara.....long tiring journey and by the time reached the hotel already evening time, checkin at Koru Hotel, Bolu.
                                                             Garden of Koru Hotel
                                                            With the hotel manager
                                                                 The hotel compound

Day 6 - In Istanbul...visited the famous Blue Mosque and perform solat...alhamdullillah.  Then tour to Roman Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace which full of treasured items.

                                                                   The Blue Mosque
                                                                  The Blue Mosque
                                                      Tulips Garden outside the mosque
                                                                Inside the mosque
                                                           The Blue Mosque compound
                                                               Outside the mosque
                                                                 Topkapi Palace   
                                        We were not allowed to snap any photos in the palace!!
                                                                Our lunch restaurant
                                                             Inside cafe bar   
Day 7 - Today full of city tour of Istanbul, enroute on the Bosphorus Cruise about 1hr, went to the Leather Outlet, the Grand Bazaar selling all kinds of things.  What a huge bazaar and might lost and confuse to find the way out of it if you can't remember the entrance door you got into it!!.
                                                                   Bosphorus Cruise
                                                              Ancient Building by the river
                                                                      The Church
                                                       Another rows of ancient building
                                                                 Onboard the cruise                                                            
                                                                     Blue Mosque
                                                 Entertaine by musicians during our dinner

Day 8 - Next day left Istanbul for the airport at 9am.

Day 9 - Safely arrived KL with full of sweet memories.        

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